Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome, ようこそ, Bienvenido, أهلا بك, benvenuto, स्वागत हे, 欢迎, bem vinda, ברוך הבא, 환영

The newest of the 12 Kiwanis clubs of New Caledonia - the Kiwanis DUMBEA RIVER was officially created during its charter evening on May 9, 2015, at Rick's in Koutio in the presence of Mrs. Laetitia CALVEZ, governor 2014-2015 of District KIWANIS New Zealand-South Pacific, Mr Lucien BLANC, Lieutenant Governor 2014-2015 of the District KIWANIS New Caledonia and Mr Georges NATUREL, Mayor of DUMBEA.

FUN For kids in New Caledonia

School, leisure, holidays, hospitalization, Christmas,
sports and celebrations

Community involvement

Communication, meetings,
solidarity, fun and friendship

Children of the World

Vaccination, studies, access
to drinking water, medical
care and emergency aid,
support to orphanages

Feel free to contact us and visit us in Dumbea

You will always receive a warm welcome



and see you soon in Paris,

we will be there!